Let’s Make Dyes: Ecology of Craft

“Why are those copper bits in that jar?” you may ask….

Why, we’re so glad you asked! We’re back at it. We’ve had an idea. We’ve chatted about it. And others have expressed interest too. The short answer is: We’re making homemade Copper mordant.

“????” you might think….

It’s a natural dye fixative. It’ll make colours stay in natural fibres.

[Arch-y eye brow of quizzical interest we imagine]

Next week we’re running a week long activity programme for 40 or so lucky 11-16 year olds, learning focused on making dyes from stuff all around us. Homemade copper mordant takes a week or so to make, so we needed a headstart (but £2.45 with a chance to experiment and learn, versus £9 for a boring old powder is so worth it!)

“Lets Make Dyes” is another programme in our new Ecology of Craft series. The London Borough of Waltham Forest has commissioned us to run it for free for 11-16 year olds resident in LBWF. Last we heard its filling up fast, so book today HERE (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lets-make-dyesthe-ecology-of-textile-craft-11-16-year-olds-tickets-26248060656) to avoid disappointment.

(For parents: there is some chemistry, botany, maths, and textile arts in this programme, but don’t tell the kids. The workshop is designed to be so much fun the learning seems accidental).

Written by significantseams

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