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My name is Deb’s and I live in Wood Street ward. I have been knitting for so long I can’t remember when I started! I do remember knitting (or rather helping to knit) my first school jumper. I strongly suspect I got a lot of help from Mum, being only 5! As I am now somewhat mature, this was almost 50 years ago. I have had periods in my life when I haven’t knitted, but these have been few and far between. I also sew, I have made costumes for both drama and dance shows, some clothes and quite a bit of upholstery. I occasionally dabble in crochet and most recently have been playing with plarm (up-cycling plastic carrier bags into yarn).

At the beginning of this year I found myself at home full time with nothing but day time television for company. Like many, work was my social life and any time outside of work was filled with housework or family. I’d moved into the area as an adult and didn’t really know anyone. I decided to look for a local knitting group and found Significant Seams. I am so glad I did and feel privileged to now have Catherine as a friend. Catherine has given me the opportunity to join her and held out a hand of friendship. All this has given me a sense of purpose and belonging and a chance to make a positive difference in my community.

Anyway I ramble, on to my first ever book review:

Knits Men Want: The 10 Rules Every Woman Should Know Before Knitting for a Man Plus the Only 10 Patterns She’ll Ever Need

Bruce Weinstein

I found Knits Men Want appealing because it is written by a man about men.

I have for years knitted items for the men in my life, only to never see them wear what I have made! Yes, they say the right words when I present them with my gift, but…

Last Christmas I made Icelandic sweaters for my son and his fiancée, all agreed in advance and with his approval, even down to the little extra stripe he wanted on the neck and cuff. Have I seen these worn? No.

So, knowing what knits men really want sounded very helpful!

This book is great because you are not tied to a brand or thickness of wool. You knit a tension square, work out the stitches per inch, and a sizing table for the finished garment will tell you the yardage of wool you need, and off you go! (All ball bands carry yardage as well as weight amounts to help you calculate the number of balls you will need). You can just pencil round the bit in each table that refers to your garment to make it clear; or if like me, you hate writing in books, copy your details out to follow as you knit. You can essentially write your own tailor made pattern for the man you are knitting for. Just how much more personal can you get?

If the men in your life mainly like plain simple knits then this book is for you. It has variations for each pattern in a very wide range of sizes. One man I knit for has a 60″ chest and whilst my son barely hits a 28″ waist with 40”chest, the patterns cater for both extremes. So for me, this book is a bible for men’s knits. I can add pattern if I want, as I am an experienced knitter. However, if I want them to wear what I make I am better off keeping it simple. As the majority of the men in my life are well over 6 foot, with two reaching 6`7″, this book helps to adjust length as well. The book is excellent for basic patterns; I loved the introductions for each pattern too, giving a little insight into how the men in our lives might look at the hand knits we make.

The only negative comment I would make is that if you are a beginner and only know UK knitting terms, you would need to familiarise yourself with US terms to make the most of this book.

Happy Knitting!


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