Karen’s Did you make that? Pajama Party ! pyjama-party-class-significant-seams Full view

Karen’s Did you make that? Pajama Party !

Lovely and talented Karen and her class have made their PJs

Visit Karen’s blog “Didyoumakethat.wordpress.com” for lots of great stitch alongs and sewing tips.

Pyjama Party Classes – My Induction As A Teacher!

Posted on October 23, 2012


My first ever course of classes has drawn to a close – and four lovely ladies are now the proud owners of PJ bottoms and a pyjama bag. Here we all are on our last lesson together. But guess what? By our last lesson, they didn’t need me there much at all. I was thrilled to see how my students had gone from fear to confidence. I think that’s called a success!

But what did I learn along the way?

Be A Bit Bossy About Fabrics

On our shopping trip, two students bought 100% cotton and two bought a viscose mix. Next time, I’ll insist that students buy 100% cotton – it’s just soooo much easier for beginners to work with.

Don’t Think That Being An Organisational Freak Will Always Help You

I did everything I could to prep for my classes, but still had the odd trip up over an unexpected obstacle. It’s all well and good having four sewing machines, but if you only have one iron that’s called a bottleneck!

You Can Teach A Lot With One Simple Make

I asked my students to complete feedback forms at the end of the course. Even I was surprised when I read back over what they’d learned. We covered a lot, from French seams to using an overlocker, taping together patterns to the importance of notches.

Hanging Loop and Woven Label

Beginners Love Overlockers!

I think this was one of the triumphs of the course. I was happy to let students finish their seams on my overlocker, if they wanted to. I expected them to be a bit scared, shaking their heads and backing away. Quite the reverse! They leapt on that overlocker, swooning with delight. Allowing beginners to apply a good finish to their sewing makes a big difference, I’ve discovered.

I Can Be A Bit Bossy

I know, shocking! In the last class, one of the students proudly showed me her hems. ‘Well done,’ I said. ‘You can give those a good press now.’

‘Yes, Miss!’ she retorted teasingly, marching herself to the ironing board. Well, you know… Learn to love your iron!

Students Are Really Lovely

In our last class, one of the ladies gifted me a pin cushion that she’d made. She didn’t even know I collected pin cushions! And it’s in the same fabric I’m making my Apronalong apron from.

What next? A bit of a rest. Teaching at weekends, as well as a full-time job can be a wee bit taxing. But after that… The girls have suggested they’d like to learn how to make an A-line skirt. What do you reckon? Do you think I’m capable of showing someone how to insert a zip?!

A big thank you to Significant Seams for allowing me to dip my toe into the world of teaching – and to my students for sticking with me.

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