Jubilympic Preparations! Wood Street Market Jubilee Extravaganza Full view

Jubilympic Preparations!

Our Neighbourly Knitting and Sewing Circle (Thursdays 2-4pm, £3) have adorned The Hub will gorgeous knitted red, white, and blue bunting and made a number of bunting pennants to get us our community bunting going. They have also prepared a pattern which you can get from the Hub for a suggested donation of £2 or you can commission some of their bunting (15 triangles for £25). They are generously agreeing to make these to commission to help support our community programmes.

The group welcomes newcomers and they will be chuffed to help you with your project.

More generally, we are making bunting with our Wood Street neighbours every chance we get! We have bared our soul a bit on this issue already this week in our thank you note to Banksy so will just highlight when you should pop down to get involved here:

Today (Saturday the 19th):  free session introducing sewing on a sewing machine  at 11:30. We’ll make bunting and introduce the  basic how to use the machine, and will use both straight stitching and zig zag as we make bunting. We’ll explain why you use each stitch when you do, and few other features of fabric and stitching.

Tuesday: Sticking and Stories 10:30-11:30, We’re reading the book “The Queen’s Knickers,”  and then we’re going to make Royal Knicker Bunting! £3 per child

Wednesday: 4-5pm, FREE, Community Bunting making

Thursday: 2-4 pm Neighbourly Knitting and Stitching Group, £3, bunting encouraged!

4-5 pm, FREE, Community Bunting making

6:30- 7:30, Lloyd Park neighbourhood Bunting Making Party, Thursday evening residents of the William Morris Ward/Lloyd Park area are hosting a neighbourly bunting making party from 6:30  and there are few spots remaining (only £5 per spot). You can grab one of these by booking online here: http://book when.com/significantseams

Kids as young as three have proudly participated in the bunting making so far, and ones as young as 6 have been involved in stitching with the machines.  These sessions are NOT just for kids though; We particularly loved the vibe during this recent bunting session:

We are also getting in the Jubilympic mood with a red, white, and blue motif to The Hub – and a fabulous selection of local designer makers “Jubilippropriate”  attire, decorations, and party supplies.

We have the gorgeous jackets from Queenie & Ted – especially featuring those with a rocking’ royalist and terrific tea party theme. We have fabulous Fascinators from Susan Steiner. We have cheerful bunting from cheekyhandmades. We also have bunting making kits, Union Jack ribbon, bunting binding, ribbon, threads, and buttons galore.

So come down to Wood Street Market to see us in the Significant Seams Hub to help get yourself ready for the Jubilee!

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