International Women’s Day Wonderfulness… IMG_3337 Full view

International Women’s Day Wonderfulness…


WOW – we have been incredibly inspired by the MANY interactions we have had with women AND men across our community in the International Women’s Day period. We’ve “made” with men and women, young and old… we’ve heard stories: some sweet and sentimental, others powerful and re-orientating. (Yeah. FGM is BAD and local. Women in our area have been denied education.  Shameful numbers of children in our area are living in shameful levels of poverty. Their mothers are skipping meals to feed them, and the children have never had a bed.) We’re still processing all we’ve learned, and reeling with gratitude for the laughter and smiles you’ve shared, the insights you’ve offered, and the inspiration that abounds from the women in our community.

We’ve struggled to encapsulate this period…and expect it will be shaping our activity for a good while to come – so we’ll let our photos do the talking, if you’ll take our word for it…. they don’t do you justice.

Thanks for inspiring us. If you fancy joining us in paying it forward a bit, Jennie Caminada of cheekyhandmades is leading pillowcase dressmaking at 131 Wood Street on Saturday from 12-4 in aid of charity “Dress A Girl Around the World.” Feel free to drop in and join us. (It’s free, just bring a pillowcase to transform if you have one to spare. We’ll have some if not.)

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