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Here’s the Stitch : My Knitting Journey… Half way there! Full view

Here’s the Stitch : My Knitting Journey…


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A few weeks ago I came across the above slogan posted around the Significant Seams office. The aim of the project is to create a 7 mile long knitted peace scarf, which will stretch across Nuclear Weapon Establishments in Berkshire; in a bid to put pressure on the government to back out of the proposed renewal of the Trident Nuclear Weapons Programme. I had a quick browse of the poster and thought the cause was amazing. I left it at that, just a thought. Simply because at the time I believed that I could not possibly make something of that calibre.

I knew I wanted to get involved but I wasn’t quite sure how since I was pretty much a beginner concerning any and every craft possible. As each week passed, I would notice yet another pink square surround the poster. More intrigued, I started to ask questions and found out exactly where the knitted squares were coming from! I was soon introduced to the neighborly knit and stitch members.

I soon found myself surrounded by passionate individuals keen to craft as well as the very individuals also inspired by the Wool against Weapons project. Although some members were extremely experienced others were also newbie’s like me.  The friendly and social environment meant that ideas were constantly flowing and my ambition to create my perfectly pink six inch square also grew!


Jackie is teaching Edenette to knit.
Jackie is teaching Edenette to knit.


What began as a keen exploration into the do’s and don’ts of knitting, has now become a proud addiction of mine!  Initially, I joined the group with the intent of meeting new people and writing about their knitting experiences past and present. Clearly, my journey did not end there as I am now the proud owner of a half made scarf! I plan to finish my scarf and go back to the source of my inspiration. That is, creating a six inch square for the Wool against Weapons campaign.


Half way there!


That said if you would like to join the campaign, please head to www.woolagainstweapons.co.uk for more information.

You can also come along to the Neighborly Knit and Stitch group on Wednesdays from  1 pm- 3 pm. Chances are you will find me sitting comfortably knitting and chatting away…


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