Have you seen this profile? Photo courtesy of Nicola Trtee Full view

Have you seen this profile?

Thanks to Wood Street Indoor Market, Jo Sealy at To Market, and her team, including photographer Nicola Tree,  for this lovely little write-up about the Significant Seams journey… http://woodstreetmarket.com/market-traders/significant-seams/ 

Our team is growing quickly these days: we hope you’ve started to get to know us through our new series of weekly book reviews. These will come out each Wednesday and if there are particular craft or making books you’d like reviewed please send us your suggestion. We’re also thinking of hosting a book club, so if you are interested in being involved in that let us know! We will be adding introductions to several really valuable contributors to our team soon, and if you haven’t read about the core team, check us out here.

We have more news about our growth coming very soon, first in our monthly newsletter, and then here on our blog. We recommend you sign up to receive both direct to your inbox to be sure you don’t miss out!  (Sorry, we haven’t quite figured out how to merge the two yet, if you can volunteer to help us with that please be in touch!)

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