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“Giving” Inspiration

At Significant Seams HQ, we’ve only just pulled names from the proverbial hat for our Secret Santa exchange, and keep laughing as we creep around one another trying to sneak clever ‘making’ gifts from our stock for one another. I mean, we all love textiles and craft, and spend our days surrounded by inspiration, so why shop elsewhere right?


We’ve discussed how seldom we receive fabric or yarn, or extravagant threads or colorful hooks or needles as gifts — and yet these are among our favourite things!… Or rather, little luxuries we ration and then hope for at the holidays.

Our conversation led to the realisation that this is obvious to US – as we have this love in common – but not so obvious to our loved ones – who maybe don’t understand this aspect of us so well.


On the back of this chat, a very thoughtful husband appeared in the Hub, much to our pleasure, explaining how his wife wanted to learn to sew, but he didn’t want to share HIS machine – or teach her – despite his extensive knowledge and excellent machine.  (I told you it was to our pleasure! We understand this preciousness!) So he had come looking for a machine and one of our gift vouchers for lessons for her, Both of which we were happy to help with.


We were of course happy to help, and began thinking we should offer tips as to under gifted but always appreciated gifts for the creative and crafters. Pretty pins? Playful pincushions?

IMG_6806In fact, upon reflection we’ve been remiss. We’ve had numerous participants in our community projects like extreme knitting and crochet and the neighbourly quilt express their desire for items related to these projects!

So our apologies – and forward this email AS A HINT. (We put that in caps so you don’t have to change the subject line =). ) We do now have the Neighbourhood (Map) Quilt and Neighbourly Quilt (below) as throw pillows, fabric patches, notecard sets, and frameable postcards (with discounted framing at Images in Frames!) We also have wooden extreme (25mm) crochet hooks at a very competitive £12.


For bargain hunters out there, gift items from Cheekyhandmades and Little Flowers are now on sale, at as much as 50% off. This includes knitting needle rolls, cute kids pjs, hand knitted woollens, and coloring sets.

Finally, we should point out Santa and his elves love Significant Seams for stocking stuffers! Our retractable and colorful tape measures, kids knitting needles, sticky tape with pink dispensers (50p each!), edging scissors, and fabric paints are favorites for the little ones, and the haberdashery corner or a gift membership to the Stitch & Craft Library are very handy for the more mature makers on the good list. Santa will be in his grotto at Wood Street Market on the 22nd, so we recommend you come by tomorrow Saturday the 15th before he wipes out our stock!

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