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Significant Seams is a big idea, with a lot of varied little expressions. Significant Seams is about people connecting via textiles and craft. We enable front-line community work through a range of activities. The activities are ones that are about building the evidence base and value accorded such work, the work itself when we can find and secure funding and clients for it, and generally trying to inspire the many makers and crafters out there who we know ‘get it’ and are ready to be part. :

  • Volunteer: from makers to craft tutors, drivers to help at events, and bloggers to comment on exhibitions around the country (and world!), administrators who help keep our records there are lots of volunteer opportunities  – many don’t even involve crafting! If you have a bit of time, please register your interest with us at this link:
  • Craft for a Cause: support one of our projects – or another we might showcase in the blog. We love highlighting how crafting can inspire change