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From ‘Black and Blue’ to ‘Going with the Flow’ Amy and the Bideford Project - Picture by Jim Wileman - The Significant Seams event, Bideford Methodist Church. Full view

From ‘Black and Blue’ to ‘Going with the Flow’

Creativity helps us feel healthier and happier – that’s according to the art makers in this video, made by Gillian Taylor PR and released for Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. The group’s beautiful new artwork, Going with the Flow, is currently on display at in Bideford, Northern Devon. Commissioned artist Catherine West of Significant Seams worked with the makers as part of a culture, health and wellbeing case study managed by Claire Gulliver in partnership with Beaford Arts, One Northern Devon, TTVS and One Atlantic.

The artwork, ‘Going with the Flow’ was created collaboratively over eight workshops, using techniques learned during the sessions. Its makers wanted to show what it can be like to feel isolated, grieving or experiencing poor mental health. Dark & light patches suggest that there is no simple path from sad to happy (or vice versa). A blue river runs through the centre, but its journey is choppy. Darker feelings hover at the margins and sometimes break through. But there is also sunlight, nature and beauty, fragility and strength, unfurling and connecting us all.

The case study project involved four Northern Devon towns and tested how culture, health and community partners can work together to improve health and wellbeing. It was supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by Devon County Council through TTVS. The partners are now exploring the possibility of a second phase of work.

Written by significantseams

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