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FREE Workshops you say?

Why yes I do!

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Our team started this year with a planning day – and golly gee whiz we set ourselves some ambitious plans – but we are all really excited by our impending move, the support you all have been offering, and the potential for our community (E17, the global patchwork community, the Uk, our team) this year.

So, yes, we decided to make ALL our workshops FREE (okay, well with a suggested donation – if you can) in January and February to allow you to share in our excitement – and learn something too. (Its just easiest to get New Years resolutions out the way you know?)

What’s the catch? Oh, funny you should ask, as technically, there is more than one…

  1. In signing up, you will be getting a SNEAK PEAK at our new premises – as the workshops will be at 131 Wood Street in advance of our official opening (which is looking like an April event)
  2. In signing up, you will be literally becoming part of the – ahem- “Fabric” of our new premises – as ALL of our workshops will be focused on creating Significant soft furnishings and decorations for the new space, i.e. you probably won’t take a creation home, but you will go home knowing how to create and being able to come back and show off to all your friends what YOU helped make for our community when we open
  3. In signing up to some of our new workshops, like ‘Making Piping’ or ‘Learning to upholster’ you will be open to lots of LAUGHTER (since um, we might be learning too – or teaching it for the first time – or learning from a volunteer who has stepped forward in response to our call)

So in these dim days of winter,and global economic bad attitude, we invite you to come learn a new technique, or make something beautiful with your existing talents, while helping your community.

9781446302439Debs and Mark are leading a beautiful “Yardscape” project to bring a bit of early winter flowers inside 131… so learn to crochet or knit, or share your skills, with their tutorials

Kate is making a useful yet beautiful sort of stitch sampler with those interested in learning embroidery (or who just want to help!) (Check out the ideas shaping her  class plan on this Pinterest board.)

Catherine (and maybe Wenna?) are offering a series of patchwork for upholstery classes – which means we will be teaching a wide range of patchwork techniques over a number of sessions as we create a massive swathe or two of fabric that we can use to re-upholster  our donated sofas. We’re still wrangling over who is going to lead the re-upholstering (Volunteers welcome!) but are determined to do it.

Debs will teach how to make your own piping and then apply it.

ESL students will be stitching a “story chair” with Zelda.

Poppy will probably offer a special half term project for kids – we’re still sorting out the details on that one, and we rather expect to add a few more workshops (recovering a lampshade? bondaweb for the bold? magnificent micro mosaicing?) , but couldn’t wait to share  the news of these with you!

So ACT NOW, sign-up to a workshop or a few – they are in evenings, weekends, and weekdays too! All supplies will be provided, and some fun too.

Also, Let us know if you particularly like the idea of some of our teasers – it will help us know what projects people are likely to be most excited by!  And see our ideas as they develop on Pinterest….

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