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Free Workshops at Culture, Health & Wellbeing International

Significant Seams artist tutors will be hosting three free taster events at a Booth at the Culture, Health & Wellbeing International Conference on 21-23 June 2021.

The Conference programme draws on over 200 submissions for practice and research events from 20 countries. Participants will have a choice of more than 90 presentations, workshops and films. They cover subjects as varied as dementia and the arts, hip hop therapy, young people’s mental health, singing for health, staff wellbeing and training, partnerships and access, population level research and theoretical contributions. They also include our Booth and 3 free sessions, designed to offer a space to wind down from all of the input, and experience the wellbeing characteristics of creativity for oneself.

A Journal For NowSilent Zoom for Craftfulness Taster Session
With Melinda Schwakhofer & Sarah Richards
Monday 21 June 7:00 – 7:50pm
Silent Zoom for Craftfulness is a Zoom session for crafting together in silence.
In the Silent Zoom for Craftfulness session there is no instruction. The
craft/activity and action of hands working is the focus. The session provides
the opportunity for people to bring their own craft/activity and work together
in meditative silence in the presence of others and to discover the value of
creativity for relaxation and mindfulness.
The 50-minute taster session will bring people together virtually and provide a
focussed time to work on individual craft projects. After a brief introduction to
the concept of Silent Zoom, we will work on our own projects together
followed by some time to reflect on the experience. Participants should bring
their own craft/activity to work on during the session.


2016-02-13 13.30.22-1
Reflection on the #YASV Craftivism Project
With Catherine West & Melinda Schwakhofer
Tuesday 21 June 6:30 – 7:20
In 2017, Significant Seams was the European Hub for an international Craftivist project called ‘You are So Very’ and represented by #YASV. In its original permutation, participants stitched positive affirmations, and then distributed them for others to find on and around Valentines Day. The project proved incredibly impactful on participants and provide a mini case study of what can happen through a creative project, especially when well supported by arts & wellbeing facilitators.  Come along to hear about the project, its impacts, our future plans with it, and how to get involved.




Moth-1200px-Below500Moths and Mending for Ourselves and for the Planet
With Melinda Schwakhofer & Naomi Wright
Wednesday 23 June 12:45 – 1:30
At Culture, Health, and Wellbeing International Conference

The act of trying to
how and why
has been
torn-out/ eroded/
destroyed/ tattered/ erased
in order
re-make, re-weave
-Vita Plume

In an interactive conversation we will introduce the concept of how
mending/repairing garments can have a positive effect on our planet as well as
on our wellbeing. We will be focussing on the small acts we can do which can
change the way we might feel about the future, our environment, and
As part of the discussion, we’ll find out about Moths to the Flame – a project
addressing our relationship with energy, our environment and climate change
In this conversation we will chat about a range of topics:
 Ethos of mending, re-using, repairing & Slow Stitch Movement
 How mending can help our mental health and wellbeing
 Mending as an antidote to Fast Fashion and as a subversive act to
counter consumerism

Written by significantseams

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