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Experimental Textiles Workshops at West Town Farm

The inner fleece revealedWe have lots of toys  tools to play experiment with – and ready access to a wide and wild range of materials on the farm. Willow has already been cut (though you can cut some too if you fancy it). We already have a raw fleece, but we don’t mind if you decide to pluck some from a sheep (though she might).

We have drop spindles, carders, a weaving loom, crochet hooks and knitting needles galore – including giant ones – REALLY giant ones.  We ‘re can try spinning, felting, and weaving. We ‘re can make some natural dyes if the group fancies it too.

Participants are welcome to bring their own project, and are encouraged to bring previous experience.

Our artist facilitators can help you design a workshop for your purposes: team building, stress reduction, exploration of a theme. There should be laughs, wonderful mistakes and marvelous makes. We aim for each workshop to rejuvenate its participants, providing new ideas, new skills and new networks of support.

Participants can meet at the farm or at one of several pick-up points for a shuttle service in Exeter.

To enquire about a bespoke version of this programme for a group, please email us!