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Empowering Women

One of Significant Seam’s key projects ‘Sew and Tell ESL’, helps isolated women with low literacy in any language to improve their English in a supportive and creative environment. This week we held our last scheduled session.

We need to raise a minimum of £7800 per year to run this liberating programme. Your contribution would enable life-changing teaching. It costs us £50 for each hour of teaching. The participants have typically had formal education to the age of 12.

IMG_3242The language skills gained in this programme bring voice. Projects like this fundamentally change women’s lives.  This programme enables these women, often mothers, to build their confidence, gain new independence, break down unrelenting isolation and replace it with connectedness and community. With this in mind, we are appealing for your support to keep this hugely successful course running.

Our work is starting to become recognised across London. The ‘Women of the World Quilt,’ inspired by participants in Sew and Tell ESL, has found its way to the ‘Feminism in London Annual Conference’ at the Institute of Education today, has been part of an “Art of Feminism” exhibition in Lambeth, and was shown at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this year.

This project encapsulates a great deal about Significant Seams – about our diverse programmes and project participants – about our values and inclusiveness – about how our ideas and projects tend to grow rather than finish!

Your generosity helps us change lives and keeps us independent, financially and intellectually – a critical aspect of delivering innovative, impactful, and significant programmes that strengthen communities. Thank you for considering supporting us with your donation, and for your continued interest and participation in all that we do.

Thank you for considering supporting us with a donation, and for your continued interest and participation in all that we do. Make your gift online here. 

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