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Eco Heritage and Wellbeing

Medieval Devon, not so unlike Devon today, had fields dotted with sheep, with pastoralists trading the wool, raw, spun, and woven, dyed and fulled. In Crediton People’s Park is a site strongly associated with these processes. It was gifted to the town as a tribute to its importance in establishing the economy and for the People to enjoy.

IMG_1854Thanks to support from Crediton Town Council, a Devon County Council project, the NHS’s DRLC, and the Arts Award Access Fund, Catherine has been researching this history and piloting arts activities and wellbeing sessions with Naomi.

A 5-week programme of workshops with a number of Crediton residents offered nature walks along with creative activities and co-creation of artwork. Participants took in the space and shape of Peoples Park, named how it fit into their lives, and identified special associations. Over the weeks the engagement, and inspirations it offered,  deepened. Participants counted the trees, made rubbings from bark, learned about the regional distinctiveness associated with Luscombe Oak.




The freckling of the park with daisies, baby yarrow, celadine, and of course dandelions, became more pronounced and cheerful. One participant became enchanted by the textures and colours of our varied cobb and stone walls. Another seemed particularly attune to the role various trees play in the life of the park. Exploring the eco heritage together eased some of our eco-anxieties.


Picture by Jim Wileman - Significant Seams Crediton event.

A one day pilot with 11-16 year olds combined playfulness and thoughtfulness. Tree-hugging with contemplative observation. Participants got to touch raw fleece, blend and spin colourful samples and do a bit of their own weaving. Behind the scenes at Crediton Museum we compared the heritage maps with the Crediton we know today.


Significant Seams are currently reviewing how best to take this programme forward – and secure the funds for such a project. Would you be interested in participating in a workshop programme or community event about our shared heritage in People’s Park? If so, we would love to hear from you! Email admin@significantseams.org.uk to be added to a list of interested people. Based on responses we will be back in touch!

Written by significantseams

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