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Earth Day Upcycling

Today 21 April is International Earth Day, and we’re celebrating it with a special Upcycling Class.

What is Upcycling? It’s taking something destined for the charity shop or bin and refashioning it into something interesting and desirable. Keeping it in use is better for the environment, our pockets, and when you upcycle with Significant Seams, its a lot of fun too!

Upcycling at Significant Seams is a fun, social sewing session which encourages crazy ideas and ends in fabulous creations. (Our last series resulted in a kermit the frog kid’s dress, several doll outfits, a hand printed pot holder, and a patchwork lap quilt made from old sweaters. )

Yes, that Doll is wearing a trouser leg on her head!

We will be hosting Upcycling most Saturdays, 1pm – 3pm starting today at The Significant Seams Hub in Wood Street Market. In these classes, we will deploy and explore whatever techniques and skills seem most appropriate to your project, including learning to use a sewing machine, or a particular hand stitch. We will talk about the various features and considerations that come with various fabrics, and generally learn how to most effectively break the rules when inspiration strikes!

Bring some items for upcycling to the first class…. and we’ll go from there. This programme is £15/session. We suggest you should plan to attend a few sessions to finish your project and to have sufficient time to make friends with your fellow up cyclers!

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