E17 Neighbourly Blocks are knocking down our doors Some more of the Blocks Full view

E17 Neighbourly Blocks are knocking down our doors

Okay – I was trying to come up with a catchy  neighbourly pun to title this post. I don’t love this title and hope you might have some fun helping us play on words! The point is the patches for the Neighbourly Quilt are starting to roll in. We hosted quite a number of kids workshops over  the Easter Holidays, and patches started then have all found their way to us now, and individuals who’ve taken up the Neighbourly invitation have also started bringing us their patches.

This past Friday we had a pretty full house during our Neighbourly Making session (12-2pm), and we ran out of information sheets again! We’re printing more – but in the meantime: design area of up to 6inches. Fabric/base material of no smaller than 6.5inches. We need seam allowances. THe questions you are designing to: What does it mean to be a good neighbour? OR What do you love about Walthamstow?

We’re also running low on 6inch embroidery hoops. Are you likely to want one? We’re trying to decide if we should place another order! We’re selling them at a very neighbourly price (£3) and we want to have what you need – so let us know and we’ll stock up.

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