E17 Art Trail: ‘Frozen in Time’

It’s that time of year again – the E17 Art Trail begins on the 30th of May. This year, 4000 artists are expected to participate in 250 events and exhibitions all over Walthamstow – 100 people are even opening their studios to the public. The Art Trail allows art lovers to explore Walthamstow and the art that is created here at the same time.

This year’s theme is Storytelling, which has always been a huge part of what we do at Significant Seams, and we’re preparing several exciting projects for you all, both based here and housed in other locations around Walthamstow. In the meantime, we’d like to let you know about another amazing exhibition you’ll be able to visit this summer.

ArtGroupE17 present ‘Frozen in Time’, a special art trail exhibition inspired by the history of the character Punch, from the traditional Punch and Judy shows you see at the seaside and children’s events.

The exhibition will showcase a collection of marionettes and art work from local artists Claudia, Lucy and one of our own volunteers,  Margaret. Claudia and Lucy have long made marionettes as part of their art, while Margaret is new to working with puppets and has been inspired by Lucy and Claudia’s work.

The Exhibition includes Claudia’s Puppet Circus, a troupe of dancer and stage magician puppets along with their director and Die Kliene Hex – a witch puppet able to fly on a broomstick. There are also Claudia’s puppets, characters from an Argentinian story called ‘The Little Seamstresses’, about a male seamstress who sews up the mouth of the people who mock him for his profession The tale was written by an Argentinian freedom fighter. Finally Margaret’s work delves into the history of Punch, who may well have developed from a similar aggressive character, called Pulcinella, in the Italian Commedia Dell’Arte (Usually performed by actors, but sometimes performed with puppets).

The best part of this amazing exhibition? The ‘Storytelling’ theme in this case comes from you, the visitors. The artists are displaying their puppets ‘frozen in time’ partway through telling their story – and what that story is is up to you. Visitors can submit their own ideas as to what the story being told is using the forms provided, and the ones the artists like best may be posted to their website or even turned into a picture book.

I imagine we won’t be the only ones looking forward to the opening on May the 30th!


‘Frozen in Time’ an exhibition by ArtGroupE17, May 30th- June14th, at ‘The Old Station Yard Cafe’ on Wood Street. Monday to Friday 6am-4pm, Sunday 10am-4pm.

You can find out more about the E17 Art Trail on their website: http://e17arttrail.co.uk/index.php?page=1

For more information on ArtGroupE17, you can visit their website here: http://artgroupe17.altervista.org/

Written by significantseams