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Dangerpuss Designs of Woolthamstow presents Yarns & Yarns: Finding Home DPDW Y&Y 1 Full view

Dangerpuss Designs of Woolthamstow presents Yarns & Yarns: Finding Home

Caitlin at Dangerpuss Designs of Woolthamstow has put together a deeply personal exhibition about the importance and significance of craft in her life journey thus far. “Yarns and Yarns” also reflects on how the fabric we use in making becomes infused with memories and in the process become stories in themselves.

This exhibition, made up of homemade knitted and crocheted items and stories of their meaning,  ranges from the rather wonky first scarf, made in a favourite team’s colours to a celebration baby bootie. It also includes reflections on domestic violence and survival and pays tribute to the love, support, and trust that is part of “home” despite distance and time.

Significant Seams receives this exhibition as a generous loan that celebrates our launch of “The Hub” at Wood Street Indoor Market. “Yarns and Yarns” is a demonstration of the “Significant Seams” that run through community and the stories that, when shared, strengthen community, and it is an inspiration for creating meaningful items to mark the meaningful moments in our lives.

In honour of this loan, Significant Seams this week launches a new knitting and crochet group entitled “Woolthamstow.”  This group meets Thursdays, 2- 4pm, and the 1st Saturday of each month, at The Significant Seams Hub in Wood Street Market. This group is free, open and welcoming to all. We hope you will join us in “sharing yarns.”

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  • Great new website. But now I am going to have to change all the links on mine. Hope your well x

    • significantseams on

      No- don’t. I’m going to redirect this site through to the other addresses. Just still need to do it!

  • Hope to be there today 2-4 with my knitting. Fingers crossed as I was in hospital yesterday and may not make it, but thinking of you and well done for the wonderful work you do. I too believe crafts can be significant help in times of need.

  • Thank you for a lovely afternoon it was great to meet you and Elizabeth and Paul so looking forward to doing it again. :-)

    • significantseams on

      Thank you for being part. Your sock wow-ed me. I look forward to seeing the finished pair!


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