Clever title just not coming to me…. IMG_0705 Full view

Clever title just not coming to me….

Please excuse the lower than usual level of wit in today’s post – from solicitors and architects, to designers and artists, from Town Hall to Wood Street, via Islington and TFL, my trolley and I have been on the move, trying to keep up with our community of creative folks’ wonderful generosity.



My clever-meter has actually been on the wane for a while now: Trolley now seems to be in charge. The Significant Seams team has dubbed her (yes, she’s a girl) the “Trolley of knowledge.”

The trolley of knowledge title somehow emerged from my repeated response, “I’ll check the trolley” when asked for some document , fabric, information or other requisite something or other in recent weeks. She even posed outside Waltham Forest Assembly Hall during one of many meetings, or form filling sessions at Town Hall.



Today has been momentous – we’ve finally submitted our plans for the frontage for planning permission. The architects rendering is a far cry from the graph paper drawings we once thought would have to suffice. Happily Ever After (local designers) and Syndicate West (local architects) have collaborated to create these  designs(note the font and a few elements are placeholders!) – and will soon be doing plans for the inside of the space – in conjunction with our builder (one of a few local contenders to be decided soon!)

Happily Ever After have inspired us to use the word “spectrum” to organise our design of the new community space. So, our first project, creating patchwork to recover one of our sofas, has explored the ‘spectrum’ of the color blue. In our first patchwork session we cut heaps and heaps of fabric and then started to figure out what we were missing.


Between sessions trolley and I went on a trip to Walthamstow Market to search for some swirly and curly blue patterns with strict instructions to resist buying other colours, as we are running out of storage, and we can go back when we move on to the wine or coral furniture. So, I went, and didn’t get to go a bit wild like Karen’s recent expedition.

In our next session, we started laying out the patches and even started assemblying. The red felt we used to ‘grip’ the patches does confuse the issue a bit, but we’re pleased how its taking shape – it slightly daunted by how MUCH fabric its going to take.




Patchwork on the brain have led to some slightly embarrassing incidents, including the accosting of this poor guy. Those are traditional quilt patterns on his jumper! I had to have a picture. It didn’t seem crazy at the time anyway – and luckily he was amused.

IMG_0745By the way our local conference room, I mean, cafe, Lot 107 at 107 Wood Street, is fab. The fruit salad is inexplicably addictive and Tracey a wonderful laugh (despite the sternish response to the accosting of her customer!)


Finally, I must tantalise you. We’ve taken delivery on the well bit of our soft sculpture wishing well, made by none other than local and international notable Harriet Hammel. As Poesie Grenadine hinted at previously, it does have three hula hoops within – but every other bit is a textile material! I want you to hear from Harriet herself how she made it in my first ever video with my i-phone but have yet to figure out how to embed it here…. so for now, you’ll just have to come in to Wood Street Market and make a wish!

And, if you see Harriet , ask her if her sore fingers are healing yet and thank her for making this well for us!


NOTE: We now are actively recruiting volunteers to help staff the Hub on Saturdays in Wood Street Market, where we expect to be based until April. Workshops are being held between the two sites so please check and join us for a session soon!



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