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Bunting, Baubles, and Fascinators, Oh My!

Have you been to see our new home in Wood Street Market yet?

Today we are holding our last FREE BUNTING MAKING workshop for Wood Street Ward residents (4-5pm). (Yesterday an industrious ten year old led the making, creating a gorgeous strand of bunting featuring lots of stars and lace. )

Image courtesy of Jenny Sheperd

Then, during our late night opening tonight (til 8pm) we plan to drum a bit of pomp and hang the community bunting in time for our big CELEBRATIONS across the Market and Wood Street area on Saturday. (Jubilee Jelly Roll Racing, free face painting and popcorn, cupcakes, tug of war, Tony Tunes and live music, tug of war, vintage and punk, and all sorts of fun!)

We have declared a 50s theme to our celebrations and in a space as creative as Wood Street Market this has been developed a wide variety of wonderful ways. I myself am “looking” for a Laverne & Shirley-esque bowling/diner shirt for my look, but actually have been so busy bunting making have done very little looking!

Image courtesy of Jenny Sheperd

I am relieved I have Olivia’s Closet, Forsaken Dreams Vintage, Quirk and Kirsty’s rockabilly tailoring to sort me out. I’m torn between a bowling look, and wearing one of Kristy’s fabulous polka dot dresses, a lot of hairspray and one of Susan Steiner’s fascinators (available at Significant Seams).  I  am secretly hoping one of them will grab me and dress me, as my patchwork habit amidst this extraordinary bunch feels rather homely! Maybe I should mention this to one of them? If all else fails I might just wrap myself in what Union Jack ribbon I have left at the Hub… unless you buy it first!

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