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  • Book Review: The Quilt Story (a children’s book about moving, meaning and memory!)

Book Review: The Quilt Story (a children’s book about moving, meaning and memory!)

After Kate’s book review last week about the textiles of the arts & crafts movement, I feel a bit low brow with my selection for my review of the month – I’ve selected a children’s book about coping with a move. (Subtext painfully apparent?)

51XvUC3uUML._AA160_The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola is a sweet story with simple folk art illustrations – about a quilt that comforts several generations of girls through relocation. The choice of words and the spacing on the page makes this an excellent book for young/new readers, but it works well for pre-readers. The story sets up conversations about moving, meaning, and memory – depending on your intent. Through the illustrations it captures children’s attention by taking their perspective, and portraying imaginative uses of a much loved blanket. It engages with that tricky topic of feelings by delicately focusing on comfort – in a mothers hug, in the familiar, in a well loved blanket. I love this aspect. Not a surprise I suppose – I love patchwork quilts, comfort, and stories that celebrate either – let alone both!

I must note however, the book has a slightly somber tone. It isn’t flippant and sappy sentimental. It is actually a fairly sophisticated exploration of comfort, and how change can bring discomfort, and the familiar can help one through change – to happy times and the joy of newness. And throughout it remains a children’s book – that children understand, accept, and engage with. I think this is fairly exceptional, and this is a special book, which could be helpful to many a parent’s toolkit, or a lovely accompaniment to a quilt or blanket gift.

The Quilt Story is held in the Significant Seams Stitch & Craft Library and can be borrowed by members. It features from time to time in our “Stories & Sticking” series for toddlers and their adults. For more information check our current timetable at http://bookwhen.com/significantseams

Catherine West is the founder and chief executive of Significant Seams. You can follow her on Twitter at @SeamsSignif.


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