Blushing! We’ve been called out by BuzzFeed… tinycover2 Full view

Blushing! We’ve been called out by BuzzFeed…


The “Cat” is out of the bag so to speak….

Catherine, Significant Seams’s founder, has contributed a chapter about Significant Seams  work to a forthcoming book on “Craftivism.” Last week, BuzzFeed – a major social news and entertainment company – with  130MILLION regular readers –  identified  Significant Seams, and particularly Catherine, as one of ten people using craft for activism.


When she was invited to contribute to the book by the inspirational Betsy Greer,  the American woman who coined the term for craft-based activism, she had a hard time saying no. Betsy and Catherine had previously corresponded around a shared interest in the therapeutic aspects of crafting – and the original contribution was meant to be about this. However, Catherine feels really strongly that Significant Seams is only possible because of the community of caring crafters in our East London community. So she wrote about this, and some of the projects we’ve imagined up and shared over the last three years instead.


At Sig Seams HQ on Wood Street, most regulars didn’t even know about this book chapter, and we hadn’t thought much to mention it – the book isn’t due to hit shelves in the UK until October. So with the BuzzFeed article, the cat is out of the bag!


As soon as copies are available (if not sooner!), we’ll have a reference copy of Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism in the Stitch & Craft library, and you can support our work by purchasing through a link here on our website:



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