Associate Artist Naomi Wright and Art & Energy win Sustainability First Art Prize! cocoon Full view

Associate Artist Naomi Wright and Art & Energy win Sustainability First Art Prize!

Our Associate Artist Naomi Wright is also a co-founder of Art & Energy CIC, the arts collective that have led the national #mothstoaflame project that has won the Sustainability First Peoples Choice Art Prize. Our followers may recall Naomi’s moving commission from The Quarantine Quilt Project. Naomi’s work with the #mothstoaflame project, like so many other projects, was put on hold.

Naomi wrapped herself in the moment, reflecting on the experience from the perspective of a moth, and thinking of herself as going into a cocoon for a needed period of transformation. She generated a remarkable body of work, including incredible drawings reflecting the life cycle of the moth, the idea of herself as a moth, and the world of a moth. She also leaned into a long desired exploration of cyanotypes, an early form of photography created from the energy of the sun. Ultimately she created massive, gorgeous banners and a series of lovely smaller prints reflecting these explorations, and a three-dimensional soft sculpture cocoon – and then, collaboratively, the fabulous video below.

The work was one of many influences that shaped the thinking of the team who have created the installation now in its final day at the Glasgow Botanical Gardens at COP 26. Naomi has reflected extensively that she feels her most meaningful work is in the collaborative actions, as they are the ones that feel they can propel meaningful change. Whilst her and her colleagues are accomplished artists in their own right, we are inspired by their generosity and approach. Their work over a number of years has ultimately attracted massive engagement and empowering funding, and at every turn they have ‘paid this forward’ – commissioning other artists and groups around the country  – inviting them to take the metaphor of a moth’s whisper (the official name of a collective of moths) and explore the themes of eco anxiety, sustainable energy systems, and enabling conversations about tough topics.

We can’t congratulate Naomi and her Art & energy colleagues enough – and thank them for their inspiring creative work.


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