An open house evening to unveil our big plans image (5) Full view

An open house evening to unveil our big plans

On Thursday evening, Significant Seams invited the public into 131 Wood Street for the first time, to unveil our plans for its transformation into Eastern Walthamstow’s only inclusive community space.

Plush Punch, quilt patterned chocolates and other tasty treats were served, and visitors were guided through the space as we explained our vision for each room.

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After Significant Seams’s ideas had been illustrated, we invited our visitors to contribute their own, adding maple leaves to a giant fabric tree!

We asked them if they had any ideas for a name for the space, how they would like to see the space used, and what skills they could offer to Significant Seams and to their community. The tree’s branches soon began to fill with ideas:
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Some of the suggestions for use of the space included exhibitions of local artists’ work and drawing workshops for children. One visitor wrote that she could offer her community the  skill of languages, a skill we are currently developing with our ESL programme.

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131 was festooned with fabric and soft furnishings for the evening, giving a taster of the cosy space to come. We even strung “bunting” made on giant knitting needles from the rafters, to add an extra soft touch:

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Much (non-alcoholic) Plush Punch was drunk, many suggestions were made, and several of the younger visitors gave 131 the seal of approval by excitedly careening ’round its rooms! As we want 131 to have a family focus with a bright and inviting decor, we can’t help but take this as a good omen.

The Significant Seams team would like to thank everyone who made it to the open house evening for their support and enthusiasm. We’re thrilled that you’re as excited about our upcoming move as we are.




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