The Team

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are a core part of our team, and we are hugely appreciative of all they contribute. In 2015 our volunteers contributed over £40,000 in time. More than this, volunteers specifically help shape the business with their inputs via an annual volunteer planning day, quarterly volunteer training and socials, and feedback to staff in 1 to 1 supervision meetings – notwithstanding the ideas they share over a cuppa during their shift!

Volunteers are coordinated and complemented by our staff team….

Our Staff

Catherine founded Significant Seams with an idea and her daughter’s buggy. Her determination to make Significant Seams a success, and the depth of her belief in each person in our community’s value, routinely inspire. She is embarrassed by the accolades from our volunteers and team, but learning to live with them – and generally is too busy: making a wonderful and wild art project a reality, sitting with a person who is struggling, or writing up business plans and grant applications, to pay the compliments much attention.     She’s the Boss – with a quiet sort of strength – and always a listening ear.



Fran is fantastically social, a keen gardener, and a ceramics artist. She also has extensive experience working with vulnerable people, managing creative projects, and helpfully when it comes to development of the Stitch & Craft library, worked in Magma book shops for a few years. She coordinates our outreach activity and looks after our enormous volunteer corps and makes fabulous funny faces that always capture the collective mood nicely.


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Zelda is through and through a humanitarian. She is fabulously humble and fanciful all at the same time. She inspired and collaborated in the creation of our Sew & Tell ESL programme which she now coordinates. She is most comfortable leading an English language class and fundamentally wants to help our participants find the independence, connectedness to community, and better life they seek. Zelda is incredibly down to earth, but a total hero. If you’re lucky she’ll tell you about the semester she led her family in living in rural Nicaragua and learning Spanish whilst volunteering in a village.


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Shamal is Mr. Efficient. He cuts to the chase and keeps everyone smiling. He has worked for over five years in a number of Fashion Houses keeping their Production Workshops ticking over nicely and making the models look perfect for Fashion Week events. He has the unenviable responsibility of starting in our community as a volunteer, inspired by the possibility that textiles could support community.


The staff team are supported in our financial management by Moracle Accounting and the Moracle Foundation – another inspiring social enterprise, and a dedicated volunteer, Paul Douglas, who serves as Company Secretary.

The staff team account to our Board of Directors, an inspiring group of community, public and business sector leaders who guide and govern the development of our social enterprise. (We are currently accepting Nominations  for additional members to the Board to support us in achieving the aims of our latest business plan – which will guide our activity over the next 3-5 years.)

Our Board of DIRECTORS

David Floyd FRSA – Chair

David is Managing Director of Social Spider CIC. He supports, researches and writes about social enterprise and social innovation, specialising in social enterprise development and social investment.

Paul Douglas

Details awaited


Simon La Roche

Simon brings 7 years experience as a communications professional and civil servant with a strong interest in social policy, especially around community development, the arts, and the environment.

Catherine West FRSA, our CEO, also sits on the Board of Directors as an Executive Director.