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A Significant Year strengthening the seams of community…. DSC_0014 Full view

A Significant Year strengthening the seams of community….

Significant Seams is about glorious creativity and the beautiful potential patchwork our myriad human experiences can become. It is about resilience to mental health challenges and the life circumstances that threaten wellbeing. It is about our individual and collective choices to focus, examine, imagine, represent, experiment, and play: to create.

To create from what inspires us, from what gives meaning, interest or purpose. To heal wounds, to overcome loneliness, to trust others to listen, admire, and maybe understand, especially when an idea is bigger than words.   

Amongst the Significant Seams Community, despite many challenges, 2021 has been an amazing year of connections, collaborating, and creative sparks from a growing community of creative souls grappling with, and growing healthier and wiser despite (or maybe because of),  a wide array of personal challenges.

Thank you for your interest in, engagement with, and in many instances, advocacy for our work this year.

With warmest wishes for a healthy and creative rest of your holiday period and an amazing 2022, on behalf of the whole Significant Seams team,


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“I find it deeply inspirational, I find the classes full of possibilities.”

This year we hosted and supported 170 adults through our mental heath recovery activities – these included 51 courses with the NHS’s Devon Recovery Learning Community

Video Testimony Here.




“It was the first time she has gone away from me happily. She made friends which has been massive.” 

This year we inspired and assisted 63 11-16 year olds through our young people’s programme. This has included directly supporting more than 17 people with an Autism Spectrum related label and 4 young carers, and a range of broader support to families 

Video Testimony Here.


Picture by Jim Wileman - People from across the country have contributed to a Quarantine Quilt created as part of a project by Devon-based organisation Significant Seams CIC, which has received Arts Council funding to lead a national stitching project in response to the effect Coronoavirus is having on people’s lives, with a focus on wellbeing. Patches were contributed with stitched designs and words which reflect people’s feelings and responses to the pandemic. Further info: Gillian Taylor 07761 546075
Picture by Jim Wileman

“So grateful. This course has given me confidence, friendship and space to be.”

This year we used an NHS tool – the Warwick Edinburgh Wellbeing Scale- in selected courses, and have established Quantitative evidence of the impact of our courses: particularly on participants’ sense of connectedness, purposefulness and decisiveness.  Contact us to learn more.


IMG_1151“This is just to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU  EVER for the generous gifts/ art and food left for us yesterday. You have no idea how much this has helped us and how much it is appreciated. We are completely overwhelmed. Please pass on our gratitude to all involved.”

A grant from Devon County Council made it possible for us to distribute art packs and food parcels for 19 young people and their families to enrich their time together through the 2021 Holiday season.


Private booking enquiries – for example, from businesses for team wellbeing days and for individuals for small group events are welcome. Our work is primarily enabled by grants and donations. Your support is always enormously appreciated.  You can donate online HERE.

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